Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beaded Watch Bands

All watch bands are $15 each. Each band is made to fit your wrist based on the size of your watch face and your wrist size. The watch bands that are pictured are samples. It may be necessary to slightly change the band you receive in order to adjust the size to fit you.

I only buy supplies to make a few of each design so if you see one you like, email your order to candytatton@yahoo.com before it is gone. Please include the following information.

You can double click on the pictures to enlarge for more detail.

1. Your name, phone number, & email address.

2. The band number & description of the watch band you want to buy.

3. Your wrist size.

4. The dimensions of your watch face (the distance between the two bars).

5. How you like it to fit. i.e. tight or loose.

There are several beads & stones pictured that I have not had time to make into bands yet. You can order a band with these stones and I will create one just for you.


  1. I really like the one you have posted to give away or the jumbo round.

    Katie Rivas

  2. My favorite is #39! Sooo cute


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